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About Us

Our Story

East of Baku was born out of a desire to source interesting, exceptionally crafted furniture pieces from places near and far, honouring traditional craftsmanship, quality and sustainability.

For too long, the furniture industry has been split into two categories; m
ass produced & disposable - affordable yes, but often of poor quality both in design and materials used, whilst also saturating the market with overproduced stock. The other extreme being 'high-end' and unreasonably expensive - with the customer often paying extra for a brand name, just because.

How we're different

Each East of Baku piece is distinctive, created through superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The age-old adage "quality over quantity" is our guiding principle.
Working with experienced craftspeople who also share in our philosophy, we do not mass-produce. So our collections remain small and limited with all our focus steered into design & finish.

We always aim to use sustainable materials for manufacturing.
Our favourite - timber, is the ultimate renewable material. Natural, recyclable and energy-efficient to produce, timber is continually replenished and is a natural carbon store.
Every piece is handcrafted and where possible, we use natural oils and dyes.
All our packaging is 100% recycled cardboard and we do not use plastic in packaging or manufacturing.

East of Baku is a digital furniture company - meaning, we're strictly online and currently do not have a showroom.
This enables us to offer finest quality pieces at an affordable price and understand what our customers want through data which helps us plan new collections and limits unnecessary production.
If you have any questions about our collection, please visit our FAQ’s page or contact us at

Photo credit @pablodearcos
Photo credit @pablodearcos